Let’s get on the same wavelength

About Signal Strength
Signal Strength has been designing, coding, testing, tuning, and taking experiences from vision to reality for over 15 years.  Our smart and daring philosophy is evident in each authentically awesome experience we deliver.

Our strategies are problem backed with customer-first thinking.  We practice a lean, rapid experimentation approach in our research, design, and development crafts.

If you can dream it, we can create it. 

The Signal Strength team can develop an idea from scratch or take an existing concept and bring it to life.  Led by Craig Moll, Signal Strength is a small, sharp team of experienced digital experts who can focus or flex to create design-first solutions. 

About Craig
I’m a west coast based midwesterner and a first gen digital creator with an extensive background in design and innovation. 

In my past, I’ve worked with digital agencies as a growth catalyst, expanding client services, developing creative capabilities, building teams, and streamlining processes. I’ve worked with amazing teams and created experiences for industry leading companies like American Standard, Boston Scientific, Target, Steelcase and most recently at Intuit / TurboTax.

In my free time I’m an explorer. I’m always interested in the latest mapping, tracking, and wayfinding applications. I put my cartography into practice on my adventure motorcycle (KTM 990R), taking off-road cross country trips, tracking down the best local cafes in tiny towns along the way, and continuing the never ending pursuit of the best backroad on the planet .